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A New Type Of Dementia Is Found To Be Affecting The Older Americans

Researchers have recently found that dementia has a number of signs shown during its early days which are missed and lead to such a memory stage. The puzzling of the disorder has confirmed that the brain of the patients generally does not show the presence of the abnormal proteins, which are the typical biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease. However, Dr. Peter Nelson from the University of Kentucky and his team seemed to have found something unique and that is there another new defined neurodegenerative disease showing the symptoms exactly similar to that of Alzheimer’s but its source seems to be a diverse misbehaving protein. The disease has been named LATE as it is found to be occurring in a very slow pace compared to the Alzheimer’s and appear only in the later stages of life that is when people reach 80s and 90s.

It has been studied that the brains of the affected showed the absence of the protein amyloid beta that is found to cause plaque formations between nerve cells and also tau that is known to cause tangles followed by clogs in the cells’ interiors by ultimately killing them. The current study started after observing the aged people dealing with their dementia and other brain issues for over the years without showing any signs of plaques or clogs.

About 1 Million of the Americans have LATE and 75% of them have Alzheimer’s disease, and there are chances that some develop both Alzheimer’s and LATE leading to speeding up of dementia. In the case of LATE, targeting amyloid beta and tau is of no use as the LATE protein, TDP-43 is the cause for playing with the brains. The promising Alzheimer’s drugs have shown no effects on LATE patients owing to lack of tau and amyloid beta. To date, there are no blood tests also available to detect the disease. The biomarker for TDP-43 has still not been found and the research is ongoing. Thus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2018 report by 2060 the count of Americans with Alzheimer’s will reach 14 Million that is 3.3% of the estimated population.

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