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Airline Sends $106,000 Bill To A Woman Who Tried To Open Doors Mid-Flight

After a horrible incident in last week, jet 2 of UK has billed a woman with 106,000 dollars. The same has been published on the website of the company and the authority also narrated the reason behind the bill value.

According to the authority, on that very date, Chloe Haines was boarding in a flight from Stansted Airport of UK to Dalaman in Turkey. The lady tried to break open the door of the flight, which was n air and thus endangered the life of her and the other boarders.

On investigation from the other passengers of the same flight, it was revealed that the even threatened all the passengers to allow her to get out of the flight, otherwise, she would kill everyone. On her such attempt, 2 typhoon fighters had to be called and the pilot had to take back the flight to Stansted Airport. The authority refused to state that it was the bill that has been sent to her. Rather they said that it was a punishment, but the question here is whether the authority has the right to punish someone.

Whatever the situation is, one thing is very clear that airport authority did not eye the same with good eyes and are rethinking on the plans about what they can do on the flights so that incidences like these can be curbed down. The airport authority, when asked that whether they have the right to punish someone, they replied that UK Royal Air Force involved in the matter for the 2 Typhoon fighters sent for rescuing the passengers and they have the authority to impose fine on any citizen, for humiliating other citizens and put their life under risk. That is the base and the basis of the punishment imposed.


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