AirTV Mini Gives Local And Streaming TV In A Single Dongle

A few years back Dish launched AirTV, an Android TV-based set-top box. The firm has been comparatively quiet since then, but this week, it rolled out the AirTV Mini. The new stick is a 4K HDR-supported streaming device that brings consumers Netflix, Sling TV, and OTA (over the air) channels, as well as other applications developed for Android TVs.

The palm-sized gadget surely is not the first small streaming stick. Roku, Amazon, and Google already provide same devices. But as per director of AirTV for product development, Mitch Weinraub, the AirTV Mini has “a faster processor and additional memory versus anything else in the segment.”

The device connects to your Android TV using the HDMI port and launches automatically the Sling TV, with Netflix incorporated in it. You can use other Android TV applications via Google Play, and you will have authorization to Netflix and Google Assistant through devoted remote buttons. There is also the OTA streaming function. “The AirTV brand is promised to making local TV easily accessible and relevant to users,” Weinraub claimed. But you will need an OTA antenna and an AirTV Wi-Fi-based network tuner (each sold separately) to use those channels.

Compared to the original AirTV, the Mini is a bit different. Most users interested in local channels are not the ones opting to go wireless, but the stick can be luring to those who do not want to shell out for cable.

On a related note, there have been a lot of changes at 21st Century Fox after Disney purchased of the media behemoth. One of those is the closure of Plus subscription service by FX Networks that was rolled out back in 2017 with Comcast. FX+ provides ad-free and on-demand streaming of the shows by the network, comprising The Shield, American Horror Story, and Sons of Anarchy, for $6 every month.


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