American Airlines Provides Satellite WiFi To Its Complete Mainline Fleet

If you are depending for a summer trip on American Airlines, there is a good opportunity that you will have access to Internet most of the way. The firm has concluded setting up satellite-supported Internet access to the series of 700-plus narrowbody airplanes that majorly manage its local paths. Relying on where you are going, you will have either ViaSat Ka or Gogo 2Ku connections offering more consistent, speedier WiFi as compared to the traditional ground solutions. American Airlines set up satellite broadband to its widebody airplanes almost a year ago.

The firm also aims to set up power outlets in each seat for its two-class regional and mainline fleets, and hopes for most narrowbody airplanes to launch out tablet holders. You will normally have to pay to use Internet access mid-flight. While the airline does provide free streaming for Apple Music, others have been providing free messaging. Delta has even begun trialing free WiFi. Yet, this beats having to either grapple with mid-air WiFi or wait till landing to get connected again with the outside world.

On a related note, you might not be stuck seeing a few of average films (or your offline streaming shows’ copies) the next time you are on a long flight. Dish and American Airlines lately began providing free live TV for local flights in the US aboard 100-plus airplanes with satellite access from Gogo’s 2Ku.

It will not match your service back home, but you will have access to a series of primary networks comprising ESPN, CNN, Telemundo, and NBC. And you do not have to squint at a tiny seatback screen. You can stream the channels squarely to your mobile device or laptop. The service will distribute to AA’s fleet of more than 700 narrowbody, mainline airplanes all over this year.


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