Android Smartwatches Only Vie Against Apple In China

If you are aiming for a smartwatch, there are almost a number of options you can select from. But chances are high you will shift to Apple. The Apple Watch has overtaken the rivalry in the worldwide smartwatch market and will carry on doing so, as per forecasts by IDC, the research company. While Wear OS by Google and Tizen by Samsung’ carry on expanding all over the world, Android smartwatches only trade actually well in China.

“Apple’s closest rivals follow by a long distant,” claimed research director for IDC’s wearables team, Ramon T. Llamas, to the media. “Android also plays a huge role here, but it is mostly dubbed as a wearables platform in China.”

The firm forecasts that Apple will get back 25.9% of the smartwatch industry by 2023. While you must take these predictions with a grain of salt (market share forecasts from companies such as Gartner and IDC can be fully off-base), they mirror the present reality.

Apple Watches now add up 1 in 3 devices sold and sales have developed in the H1 of this year, as per reports. An expected 35.8% of devices traded all over the world in the initial 3 Months of this year arrived from Apple, the report claims. Fossil, which makes the most watches of Google Wear OS, only added 2.5% of the industry in the Q1 of this year.

On a related note, the Apple Watch is about to become that much more self-governing from your handset. Apple has launched watchOS 6, and its main attraction is a separate App Store. You can install apps to your watch without having to get your iPhone. There are applications that are only present on the iPhone, Apple claimed. You can also hope for a series of new first-party apparitions that fill in longstanding bridges in feature, comprising Voice Memos, Audiobooks, and a calculator.


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