Apple Plan Big Changes To iPhone This Year

On June 3, Apple is expected to announce the latest software features to be added to Macs, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Apple TVs, at the start of the company’s yearly Worldwide Conference for Developers (WWDC). Bloomberg highlighted a few of those features that Apple says are being added to these platforms.

Changes to the software of iOS 13, likely to be called ‘Yukon’ are probably not severe enough to flip the numbers of decreasing iPhone sales towards an upward trend, but they are likely to refine the overall experience for current customers of Apple. They could additionally be used for promoting the latest digital services recently announced by Apple, such as subscription service for video games and streaming of TV shows that Apple has produced.

‘Dark mode’ – presently available on Macs that darkens the user interface in parts, so that it’s not as harsh on the eyes – is likely to be added to the iOS 13.

Apple is planning a new characteristic that will let people use their iPads as a second display, if they are connected to their Mac. Some additional features include adjustments to iMessage making it more similar to WhatsApp, new multitasking ability for iPads, along with a new app for Health which is expected to outline daily activities better.

Through the years, Apple’s Operating System (iOS) has steadily gotten better, with the more recent releases focusing strongly on getting higher performance and battery life on all their older devices. Siri, Apple’s very own voice assistant hasn’t had much of an update, and could do with a tremendous upgrade, but no major changes to it can be expected this time. Apple always ensures any of its new features from recent iOS changes, are rolled out to all its older iPads and iPhones. That’s also probably why upgrades to iOS doesn’t cause sale of new devices to increase much.


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