Asteroid Will Fail To Impact The Earth In 2019; Confirms ESA

Asteroid 2006 QV89 is a small matter with a diameter between 20 and 50 meters. Lately, it had been in the highlight due to a tiny chance, approximately 1 in 7000 chance to have an impact on Earth on September 9, 2019. Firstly, impacts of asteroids can be directly negated by ‘non-detection’. European Southern Observatory and ESA have already stated that the asteroid 2006 QV89 will not have any collision with Earth in 2019. Besides, any chance that the asteroid might collide with Earth later is also least.

Asteroids often move around in the open space bothering astronomers. They invest time in catching a slight trace of a hurling space rock, note down measurements in order to narrow down its orbit and then one fine day it disappears. Then it remains unseen and untraceable for years. Generally, when certain asteroids run chances of colliding with Earth, its measurements and observations are carefully taken note of. These are known as astrometric data which makes it easy to understand the path of the asteroid. Astronomers are more aware of the risks they run and thus they are able to prevent any chances of collision.

However, asteroid 2006 QV89 was bizarre. The object was seen during August 2006 and noted down for next ten days. The research said that the asteroid have 1 in 7000 chance of having any impact on Earth, possibly on September 9th 2019. After the 10th day, it had suddenly disappeared and was never seen again. A decade had passed in between and it is only possible to trace the asteroid with least accuracy. Therefore, it is quite hard for astronomers to find it out as it has not been seen anywhere through a telescope. But, if the collision would have happened, the asteroid would have been seen from Earth’s sky. But, it is nowhere there thereby concluding that there is no chance of collision.


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