Bellatrix Aerospace, An Indian Startup, Raises $3mn—Report

A satellite propulsion startup in India has further plans of developing a small launch vehicle. For that, they have already gained $3 million from a team of venture capital investors. Bellatrix Aerospace is based in Bangalore. They have plans to utilize the fund for explaining their thruster technology in space. StartupXseed, IDFC-Parampara and Survam Partners have hosted the pre-series round A. GrowX Ventures had joined the round along with Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone via KA Enterprises and several incubators CIIE and SINE.

Bellatrix was formed back in 2015 at Indian Institute of Science and has presently 14 people. However, Yashas Karanam the co-founder mentioned that they would make use of investment for increasing the number of employees. He also said that Bellatrix has been currently developing propulsion systems for satellites of all sizes. The first ever product of the company is an electric propulsion system which is run by water. Karanam has not yet revealed the date for the launch of first thruster by Bellatrix.

Bellatrix has not been building the water-fed propulsion system alone. Deep Space Industries, Momentus Space and Tethers Unlimited have also made thorough plans for using water as thruster fuel. Karanam said that Bellatrix is confident in applying cost-saving methods which they have learnt by working alongside Indian Space Research Organization in order to win on the cost at commercial market.

He also commented that since it is from India, one of the best things they are able to provide is a pocket-friendly price with frugal engineering. Bellatrix has also been reviewing their level from European Space Agency and NASA in order to get assured that their products are met with worldwide expectations. Karanam also said that their target is to play well in the global market since they have future plans of setting up offices in Europe and US.


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