Bipolar Disorder Enhances Parkinson Disease Risk

According to a new study, individuals having bipolar disorder are at greater risk of getting Parkinson’s disease. Having this disorder with high acuteness would raise the risk further. Earlier studies found an association between Parkinson’s disease and depression, but very few have actually examined the link between Parkinson’s and bipolar disorder. The lead author of the study Mu-Hong Chen and his colleagues investigated the study and they have published the findings in Neurology journal.

As far as Parkinson’s is concerned, the neutrons in the brain die gradually, resulting in symptoms like slower movements, tremor, balancing issues, rigidity, difficulty in speaking and swallowing. In US, the doctors diagnose Parkinson’s in 50,000 people every year. Presently, 500,000 individuals in US have this condition. According to NIH (National Institute of Health), more number of individuals would develop Parkinson’s because people have begun living longer and so the chances of developing the condition is also increasing as people get older.

Individuals who suffer from this condition usually take levodopa that helps to slow brain degeneration. Chen went through the records of health of 56,340 people who are diagnosed in Taiwan with bipolar disorder. All these people were diagnosed in 2001 to 2009. The scientists have compared the data with records of health of 225,360 people without any diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease or bipolar disorder. Researchers analyzed the data of both groups and found that 0.7% people having bipolar disorder also got Parkinson’s and just 0.1% of controlled group got Parkinson’s. Scientists also took into consideration the factors like age, history, sex, diseases’ history and injuries of brain, as all these could raise an individual’s risk of getting Parkinson’s. They found the chances of the participants developing Parkinson’s were seven times more if they were diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the beginning of the study when compared with individuals without bipolar disorder.


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