Blood Pressure Drugs Likely To Lessen Risk Of Dementia

The latest study has revealed a connection between the consumption of different drugs for treating blood pressure and reduced probability of dementia in elders. The connection explains how high blood pressure is connected to cognitive decline.

Dementia is a collective term used to describe different types of neurodegenerative complications, of which Alzheimer’s is the most common one.

The principal symptom of dementia is a gradual and steady decline in cognitive capabilities. As a result of this, the patient suffers from loss of memory, coupled with a sharp decline in the ability to think and make decisions if and when needed.

Though it is not clear what exactly causes dementia, to chalk out improved strategies to prevent the complication, researchers have been ascertaining and keeping an eye on the likely risk factors, which may be the root cause behind this condition.

A number of studies conducted recently have established a connection between dementia and hypertension.

Recently, another study that was conducted recently by researchers from the Leipzig University of Germany revealed that elders who undergo treatment for hypertension are less likely to be prone to dementia. The researchers took reference from the data stored in the extensive German Disease Analyzer Database, which is a collection of health-related information of millions of individuals from various parts of Germany.

┬áThe findings have been published in a journal that deals with Alzheimer’s treatment. Data collected from 12,405 patients of Dementia of 60 years or above, who have visited 739 German general practitioners between 2013 and 2017. The researches collected the samples of blood pressure from these patients and compared the data with that collected from another 12,405 people who do not have dementia but have visited general practitioners for some other purpose during that same period. The study also revealed that people treating hypertension runs a lesser risk of having dementia.


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