China’s Alipay Will Include Beauty Filters When You Purchase Using Your Face

We all know how surprising it can be to unintentionally open a front-facing camera and see your own unpretentious face watching back. Now, picture if you saw that pic every time you made a transaction. In China, Alipay (e-wallet affiliate of Alibaba) will shortly add beauty filters when you make a purchase using its facial recognition system.

The modification follows soon after a Sina Technology poll discovered that 60% of people think next-gen transaction systems make them seem ugly. As per media, Alipay declared the update this week on Weibo, and the firm aims plans to bring the functionality to retail shops in a few weeks.

Some may be concerned about living in a realm where we are constantly being digitally modified. Others may have qualms about our fascination with looking good and beauty in pics. But the filters might attract anybody who has ever taken a bad license or passport photo. Beauty filters can also offer firms a benefit. If you have the choice to make an early morning coffee run to a shop that will remove your sleep factors, there is an opportunity you will opt for that. Irrespective of where you stand, the increasing popularity of filters is irrefutable.

On a related note, Alibaba earlier struck an agreement to allow its worldwide AliPay clients purchase things in the US via First Data, manufacturers of the Clover PoS (point of sale) system. Just do not mistake this for a complete US extension to vie against Android Pay and Apple Pay: The association is openly targeted to convenience 450 Million current worldwide users of AliPay visiting the US, which is not to claim that will not take place in the future. This can be a decision to get AliPay’s foot in the door to open its service later up to US users.


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