China’s Space Missions Likely Facing Delays—Recent Report

All the biggest space missions of China, for instance, a lunar sample return, modular space station or a rover and Mars orbiter might be delayed. This is because of an issue impacting rockets needed for launches. The most powersome launch vehicle of China is the Long March 5 heavy-lift rocket. It had been designed in a way to launch big sized spacecraft planetary bodies and geosynchronous orbits. Vice President at China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and Prime space contractor and developer in the Long March 5 in China, Yang Baohua declared on January 29th that it was being made ready for the third flight in July.

The mission would finally be held two years following the failure of the 2nd launch. However, the schedule must be postponed since the delivery of the launch vehicle to the launch site has not been made yet along with the knock-on effects made for big space plans in China. It was considered that the fourth Long March 5 would send e-5 lunar sample return mission of Chang into a trans-lunar injection towards the end of 2019. The fifth launch mission was planned to be the nation’s first independent mission to Mars which would be a 26 month launch from July to August 2020.

In the midst of it, a test launch required for the purpose of building the future Chinese Space Station was planned to take place. Elements of Long March 5 are developed in the city of Tianjin of northern port. These are then gathered by two uniquely designed cargo ships Yuanwang-22 and Yuanwag-21. Next, these are delivered to Wenchang Satellite Launch Center at Hainan located on southern island.

No media or official update has been given on the status of the planned mission during July. Even if the preparations are started off immediately, the flight of Long March 5 would not happen before September.


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