Disruption Of Gut Bacteria; Likely Cause Of Metastasis In Breast Cancer

Recent research in mice has shown that disruption in their gut microbiome could lead to aggressive breast cancer. The outlook on breast cancer is improved in past few years. This has become reality with better detection tools. However, spreading the cancer to different body parts is continued challenge to medical community. According to recent medical data, about the count of females surviving with breast cancer (metastatic) in US is around 154794 and around 5 to 9 % of recent breast cancer patients among them were in metastasis condition during their diagnosis.

Hormone receptor status is a common factor that influences breast cancer (metastatic) and it also accounts for majority of cases. It is caused due to two hormones called estrogen and progesterone that respond to treatment but cancers (receptor-negative) usually spread rapidly. According to Melanie Rutkowski PhD at Microbiology Dept. at Virginia University, a major factor that influences breast cancer advancement is extensive quantity of cells (immune) referred to as macrophages in the tissue. She stated that studies in the past have shown that increased quantities of tissue collagen can lead to tumor and also increased breast cancer (metastatic) risk.

Her team carried out a research in mice to study effect and role of gut bacteria on breast cancer growth and the details of their findings have been published in Cancer Research. They used mouse model of positive mammary (hormone receptor)cancer and altered the rodents’ natural balance of gut bacteria by feeding them strong antibiotics and carrying out transplant of unbalanced macrobiotically fecal matter. She said that when they disturbed the microbiome’s equilibrium by treating the mice with antibiotics it led to systemic inflammation and also within mammary tissue. The findings show that sick microbiome and conversions that happen within this tissue are early announcers of invasive breast cancer.


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