Elkann Joins Up Renault to Drive Fiat Family Fortunes

Last year, John Elkann witnessed the loss of his partner with the unexpected death of Sergio Marchionne. At that time, some were doubtful if the gentle scion of the Agnelli clan could manage to come out of his shadow to ensure Fiat Chrysler’s future. However, New York-born Elkann, who took charge as Fiat chairman in 2010, was found acting decisively to fill the vacuum left by the grand Marchionne. He achieved to get nearer to a huge merger deal that the renowned executive was unable to complete.

At the age of 28, Elkann was pushed into the task of Fiat vice-chairman after the deaths of his great-uncle and grandfather. This decision was valid as there was really no one else to take this responsibility. The initial 18 Months for Elkann with the responsibility of a family-owned carmaker and its long legacy were terrible.

On a similar note, experts say that future mobility is supposed to be driven by electric, autonomous, and shared mobility. In recent time, almost all automaker across the world are working on these solutions. Groupe Renault came into the news as it is also working to present these mobility solutions. The firm has shared its strategies for this effort.

The French car manufacturer has started a novel project named Paris-Saclay Autonomous Lab. In this lab, the firm is supposed to test diverse autonomous, smart, electric, and shared public & private mobility services. This effort by the firm is intended to back the transportation system in the Paris–Saclay region. The latest project is supposed to focus on growing a comprehensive autonomous transportation system that incorporates autonomous vehicles, connected infrastructure, a supervision system, and consumer applications. The infrastructure is supposed to be set up and tests will be carried out to state the needs for expanding a self-sufficient mobility service.


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