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Experts Say Cyber Strike On Iran By The US Is A Game Changer

The recent cyber strike on weapons systems of Iran by United States of America did not lead to loss of lives so is considered a mere loss of communication system. The attack was targeted at security systems of Iran and used for controlling its missile and rocket launches which became a game changing event for security industry and the cyber warfare industry. The move was approved by Donald Trump who asked cyber sleuths to carry out the attack against Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps just a few days after Tehran brought down a US surveillance drone.

Just a few days before the cyber-attack Trump held back a military assault against Iran due to fear of loss of lives. This attack was the latest development in ongoing cyber operations between both nations which have been escalating since US withdrew from the 2015 unilateral nuclear deal with Iran and started exerting pressure from all sides. The moves aimed at reducing nuclear ambitions of Iran by exerting economic pressures and are likely to continue. The cyber-attacks are in the form of phishing, infiltration of cloud technology and other means to cause massive disruption of communication.

In recent months hackers hired by Iranian government have been targeting government agencies of US and critical sectors of its economy like oil and gas by sending waves of spear phishing emails said representatives of security firms CrowdStrike and FireEye that frequently track this kind of activity. The cyber war has increased after the Trump administration imposed fresh sanctions on petrochemical sector of Iran this month.  The Iranian cyber-attacker called as Refined Kitten has been targeting defense and energy sectors of US for several months now and also allies like UAE and Saudi Arabia. US has had such skirmishes with Iran in the past when in 2010 a Stuxnet virus disrupted operations of several centrifuges at Iran’s uranium enrichment facility.


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