Facebook Contributes Towards Public Health: Launch Of Blood Donation Tool

Social networking platform Facebook recently launched its new initiative for blood donation in United States that will help users to find needy people in their area that require blood or blood donation center. This feature enables users that are keen on blood donation to sign up as donors in their about section that will help them to receive notifications from blood donation camps or groups in their area. The timing of this tool’s launch was particularly useful as during summer season blood donations are low.

CEO Sheryl Sandberg announced during launch of the tool to press that Facebook will put up a notice about their services in 5 US cities during the initial period requesting people to register if interested. Though the selected cities for initial phase are New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Baltimore and Washington, it will soon be rolled out across the nation in forthcoming months. Facebook CEO notified users that if there is a shortage of blood then their partners like American Red Cross would send them notifications and given an opportunity to donate. Blood donation tools like these have also been launched in countries like India, Brazil, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Facebook has declared that nearly 35 million people have signed up as potential blood donors on Facebook in nations where the feature is already available. Senior VP of American Red Cross Cliff Numark stated that in view of the results that have been achieved by Facebook in Brazil, Pakistan and India they can use better technology to double the number of blood donors in USA. According to ARC every year around 6.8 million people in the country donate blood and the new feature of Facebook could change the system of blood banking. The feature is Facebook’s latest effort to promote public health as every two seconds someone in the country needs blood.


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