Facebook Is Financially Supporting A Huge Solar Farm In Texas

Facebook is spending heavily in Texas in a huge solar farm as it rumbles towards its aim of operating completely on renewable power by the end of 2020. Longroad Energy, the Renewables company, has begun developing the Prospero Solar initiative in Andrews County, Texas.

Longroad aims to have the farm operating by 2020, and it is anticipated to have a capability of 379 Megawatts, which might be sufficient to power around 300,000 houses. At 4,600 Acres, it will be one of the country’s biggest solar farms.

It is the first time the firm has spent squarely in a renewable energy initiative. It is not apparent exactly how much of the $416 Million package of financial support Facebook covered, but it claimed that it is contributing a “noteworthy” amount of the total costs. The firm is the only tax equity sponsor for the initiative. The farm will trade some of its outcome to Shell, which aims to resell the power. Shell and Facebook will also get renewable power tax credits.

On a related note, Saudi Arabia and SoftBank earlier drew up plans to develop the largest solar farm in the world, which, if launched, might generate 100,000 jobs in the area and make 200 Gigawatts (GW) of power. That is one third over the worldwide photovoltaic sector supplied all over the world in 2018.

The farm, which can cost $200 Billion, is the biggest effort by Saudi Arabia to lower its dependence on oil and elevate its access to renewables. The country has had renewable power on the agenda for quite a time now, but it was only in 2018 that ministers in the nation applied plans for the first programs. If developed, the farm might almost triple the nation’s capacity of electricity generation, which stood at 77 GW a few years back and is comprised completely of oil and natural gas.


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