Florida Permits Self-Driving Car Trials Without Backup Drivers

Firms that need to test their self-driving vehicles will have a simpler time of it in the Sunshine State. Ron DeSantis (Florida Governor) lately inked a bill letting firms to test autonomous cars without supporting drivers. It also allows occupants watch video, text, or otherwise take pleasure themselves without running afoul of distracted driving laws. They will require meeting insurance needs, but that is about as far as it goes. The decision goes live from July 2019.

There are already plans in Florida to trial driverless cars, such as Miami campaign by Ford. This can motivate others who need to take benefit of the looser rules and climate, although. And currently, there are only handful of states that allow fully driver-free tests on their streets—for some firms this may be the best (or only) testing choice.

The question is if or not the tech is set. Even though self-driving vehicles accidents are still comparatively rare, there are worries that fatal crash by Uber and other cases are hints that autonomous driving still has a long time to go before it is essentially safe for public trialing.

On a related note, Ford earlier claimed that it is trialing a new series of self-driving cars in its home ground in Detroit. Ford’s autonomous vehicle division, Argo AI, declared it might set up its 3rd-generation cars in Corktown and Detroit. The Ford Fusion Hybrids will be fitted with a “considerably updated sensor suite”, as well as new groups of cameras and radar with higher dynamic range and higher resolution, claimed Pete Rander, Argo AI president, to the media in an interview.

The new series will restore the 100 or so 2nd-gen cars that Argo AI has already set up. The firm is presently trialing its self-driving vehicles in 4 other cities in the US, comprising Pittsburgh, Palo Alto, Washington, D.C., and Miami.


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