FTC To Blame Facebook Of Misusing Facial Recognition And Phone Numbers

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) supposedly aims to roll out a complaint over handling of facial recognition and phone numbers by Facebook. As per the media, the FTC aims to claim that advertisers managed to aim consumers who offered their contact numbers for two-factor authentication security function by Facebook. Sources also informed the media that the FTC will blame Facebook of offering insufficient data about the capability of turning off the facial recognition software that provides photo tag recommendations.

The breaches, anticipated to be declared this week, are fraction of wide-ranging grievance and accompany the investigation by FTC into Facebook’s privacy means. Previous week, the FTC supposedly voted to accept a $5 Billion settlement with Facebook. The settlement is not yet official, but it is already being condemned for being too soft on the firm. The complaint clarifies the FTC’s reasoning. We will have to wait to witness what type of limitations will be placed to monitor Facebook moving forward.

On a related note, earlier Google claimed that it has to pay the FTC a multimillion dollar penalty to settle an investigation into shortcomings by YouTube when it comes to defending children employing its service, as per the media. The agency rolled out a probe into the video-sharing service to know whether it breached federal data privacy rules for kids by gathering info from children below the age of 13.

By the end of the investigation, media reports that the commission discovered YouTube and Google failed to defend kids adequately and that they gathered their info, which violated the COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act).

The FTC has been getting kid privacy grievances for years against YouTube, as per earlier reports. COPPA, after all, bans firms from gathering info from consumers below 13 and from targeting them with customized ads.


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