Give Some ‘Me Time’ To Your Mind And Body When Feeling Low—Study

A women needs to fulfill several roles in the course of the day and therefore chances of her getting overwhelmed by continuously doing things for others rate very high. If she does not realize that she is stretching beyond her limits then she can easily get burned out on the physical as well as the emotional plane.

What she needs is to step back for a while and indulge in some ‘me time’. This will help her to recharge and face afresh the rigors of another new day. Following are some signs that act as warning signals in this regard.

Feeling of sense of disinterest in every likeable activity: The moment you start losing interest or feel bored in any creative activity that used to set your adrenalin flowing it is time to understand that some ‘me time’ is needed. Just take a break by going to the library, relish a cuppa of tea or coffee or browse through Pinterest for your favorite creative ideas.

Feeling overwhelmed by small things: In the midst of juggling several responsibilities, forgetting about small things can overwhelm you to the point of tears. Take stock of the situation and ensure that it is not going to be the end of the world or ask your partner to pick up whatever has been forgotten or just lie down for a while and you will bounce back.

Snap at your close ones: When you start snapping at your loved ones, you need to take a self-imposed break. Lie down and take some deep breaths or play your favorite game on the cell-phone and you should be okay.

Others may experience different indicators and those are the times when you have to implement your ‘me time’ activities. They could vary from having a nice, hot bath to reading a book to going for a walk or chatting up on the phone or taking a holiday for a couple of days. Whatever you choose, it is sure to rejuvenate and revive your mind and body.


Kevin Sword

Kevin is a German-resident and to pursue higher studies he went to the U.S. for acquiring graduation in Astronomy. He had been doing various IT and computer languages-related courses along with his Bachelor’s studies. The passion for grasping progressively about science-based topics such as space launches, missions, discoveries, and space events have pushed him to pursue content writing. Previously, he was working as a content editor in a news magazine publishing platform.

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