Google, Along With UChicago Medicine, Is Violating Data Privacy Regulation

A lawsuit has been filed against the tech giant Google for inaptly obtaining and using sensitive health-related information of thousands of hospitalized patients. The lawsuit specifies how the globally established tech companies are trying to integrate their business in the trillion-dollar healthcare market and are being associated with concerns over privacy.

From the past few years, global tech firms such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google have been focusing on leaning their services towards healthcare organizations. The tech firms are assuring to help organizations in better organizing medical data and employing this information to design novel AI diagnostic tools. However, privacy advocates are opposing tech giants to launch such kind of strategies. According to the advocates, the tech giants can have an unprecedented vision into the lives of their customers by accessing the medical records.

The New York Times reported that the lawsuit is associated with a mutually agreed deal between Google and UChicago Medicine (University of Chicago Medical Center) held in 2017. According to the deal, UChicago Medicine gave accession to Google to obtain medical records of patients from 2009 to 2016 in order to design new AI tools.

Such practice by Google appears as a potential infringement of the federal health data privacy regulation, titled HIPAA.

On a similar note, Chronicle—Alphabet’s cybersecurity company—has recently revealed that it would soon unite with Google and will become a significant element of Google Cloud. The cybersecurity company was established last year and in March 2019, it launched its first product at a commercial level, known as Backstory. The product is, in fact, the foremost global security telemetry platform designed for cybersecurity purposes. Chronicle co-founder and CEO Stephen Gillett stated in a blog post that Chronicle’s Backstory, Google Cloud’s cybersecurity tools, and VirusTotal are integral and would be leveraged collectively.

After the launch of Backstory, the company evaluated the security telemetry platform on Google Photos for cybersecurity.


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