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Google Workers Protest Retaliation With Worldwide Sit-In

Google workers are conducting a sit-in at offices all over the globe to object supposed retaliation in opposition to employees.

A Google worker claimed to the media that hundreds were anticipated to be comprised all over the day, with sit-ins at offices planned all over the day. A spokesperson of Google claimed that over 200 workers took part in the sit-in at New York, but that not all offices of the company took part. Workers in global offices, comprising London, too participated.

At the sit-ins, workers shared stories of what they claimed were retaliation acts. “So most of the brave people voiced their stories,” a Google worker who assisted organize 2018’s employee walkout, Meredith Whittaker, claimed to the media in an interview. “There were talk of unions and tears.”

While employees have lawful protections to talk over working circumstances, Google has encountered allegations of retaliation from workers who organized 2018’s walkout of 20,000 employees to protest the first handling of allegations related to sexual harassment.

On a related note, Google has a simple yet restrained reason for its expected push into the midrange handset segment: there is too much rivalry in the high-end segment.

Shortly, during its I/O developer conference, the firm is anticipated to show off its cheaper, new Pixel 3a XL and 3a. And on an earnings call with media this week, the chief financial officer at Alphabet (Google parent firm), Ruth Porat, claimed that that industry-broad stress on high-end handsets resulted in lesser sale of Pixel previous quarter in comparison to this time a year back. Porat particularly mentioned “some of the latest pressures in the premium smartphone segment.”

While Porat did not tell what those stresses are, we can presume that she’s pointing to elevated rivalry from Samsung and Apple, as well as high costs driving down user demand.

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