Grand Facebook Fixing Plan Likely To Be An Eye Wash—Report

In the past, Mark Zuckerberg had conveyed his plans with which he would fix problems arising in Facebook. Zuckerberg is focusing over messages and groups instead of public news feed which is mentioned for large number of people.

On July 1, 2019, ProPublica pointed out a Facebook group which had objectionable jokes, posted by American Border Patrol agents. According to the reports, comments through that group have mocked immigrants who lost their lives in custody and sexist comments on influential, female politicians.

One of the spokesperson of Facebook said that the Company regards the safety of every user and community standards of Facebook also apply on secret groups. Back in June 2019, a report revealed that how various police officers shared islamophobia, racist memes as well as conspiracy theories.

Though one of the executives of Facebook stated that the Company will provide news about posts which misinform people but the effect of their measure is still unclear. Recently, Facebook had put a ban on women who had revealed their mastectomy scars as it would encourage others who are dealing with cancer.

The present abuse examples on social media platform like Facebook considered as more significant in comparison to what people had seen during previous years. Thus, the present policies of Facebook present a clear indication that how it prefers to hide its problems from public.

During a public statement Facebook stated that Artificial Intelligence and algorithms aren’t enough to keep hate speech at bay, thus the Company is reliant on users so that they can report such issues directly to them. Facebook is advocating its users to take more active part in groups. In one of its new advertising campaigns, hand-painted murals are used, and In its mobile application a button is placed at the center and on the front.


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