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Grounding Of 737 Max Hits Air Travel As There’s No End Of The Tunnel Yet

Boeing 737 Max aircrafts have been grounded across the world and is currently in their fifth month of suspension. This has been causing a lot of disorder in air travel which would continue for following months. Regulators of aviation department has not said anything about when would they allow 737 Max to have a next flight. They had grounded the aircrafts worldwide during mid-March following two dangerous crashes. One had occurred in Indonesia in October and the next one was in Ethiopia during March. A total of 346 people were killed.

With a total range of planes being grounded, airlines which have jets in the fleets have cancelled many flights at eleventh hour in times of peak travel period. In the following months, the problem would only increase as more flights would be cancelled along with zero guarantee that the planes would be airborne perhaps again towards the end of 2019.

Boeing 737 Max had been in use for just two years. It is an extremely fuel-efficient type of the workhorse single-aisle plane which was in use since 1960s. It is the maximum selling aircraft of the aircraft maker. Investigators from the crashes have said that an automated flight-control software was involved which Boeing said they have fixed now. The developed model has not yet been send to the regulators as the crisis has still been continuing for months after the accidents. The airlines hadn’t expected this.

Boeing informed their investors on Jul 18, 2019 that they have predicted $5.6 billion pre-tax earnings in their second quarter. They are taking $4.9 billion after-tax charge in a quarter periods to make compensate the Max customers who had suffered losses. Boeing mentioned that they expect to see the planes back in sky in fourth quarter however; the exact time of return might vary later.


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