Group Video Call Feature For Google Duo Launches To Everyone

Google is converting Duo more helpful as it is launching out group video calls to everybody on iOS and Android. You can have almost 8 individuals at once on a call (which is far lower restriction as compared to 32 for FaceTime and 50 for Skype). Group calls eventually went live in some regions this month, but now they will be accessible for everybody.

There is also a data saving mode for WiFi and mobile data networks on Android in specific markets, comprising India, Brazil, and Indonesia. Google claims that when it is active, both the person you are calling and you will save data. The function will come in more areas in the months to come. In addition to this, Google is allowing you spice up voicemails on your video. On Android (and shortly on iOS), you can include emojis, text, and doodles to your texts.

On a related note, Google earlier claimed that it is still making good on its move in texting strategy. The Internet behemoth earlier silently launched out Duo video and audio calls in the US on the web. Hence, long as you have logged in to your Google account (no QR codes or phone number checks here), you can start and get calls while you are sitting at your computer. This browser-based edition can adapt to various video sizes and still supports creature comforts such as a preview window for video chats.

It is not specific how broadly accessible this is, but media observed that Duo web calls were accessible for various accounts. However simply you find it, the extension goes a long way toward finishing ecosystem for Google. Duo is now accessible wherever you require employing it. That is just as well when the firm could employ another video chat system and is downplaying Hangouts.


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