Hormone Therapy Likely To Reduce Incidences Of Miscarriage

Some women tend to experience early bleeding during their pregnancy and miscarriages. Thanks to Birmingham scientist who have found a way to reduces chances of miscarriage. Progesterone hormone is now known to increase the chances of having a baby.

Progesterone hormone plays a key role in supporting the immune system and maintaining the uterus’ lining where implantation of the embryo takes places. The dosage of the hormones is known to stop the early bleeding, thus ensuring safe pregnancy and delivery of the child.

One in every five women has the risk of having a miscarriage. The most common cause of miscarriage is the early bleeding. Progesterone hormone used in in-vitro fertilization technique can help in reducing the chances of miscarriage.

The Birmingham scientist had taken trials on 20,000 pregnant women. One group was given an appropriate dosage of progesterone hormone and another group was given a dummy pill to induce a placebo effect. All women who had participated in this experiment had a history of miscarriages due to an early bleeding problem. Although, progesterone dosage couldn’t help all women; the women who had 3 miscarriages in the past, had the most benefit. Results showed that live birth rate increased by 15% in these women, compared to the placebo group.

Arri Coomarasamy, the study leader and a gynecologist at Birmingham Women and Children’s Hospital hopes that this result will be taken into consideration by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence. As a result of which all the guidelines are expected to change, saving the lives of thousands of babies across the world. But the treatment might not work for all women as the process of pregnancy is complicated and various factors tend to come into play for a miscarriage to take place. Hence, only the miscarriages caused due to progesterone related problems can be solved.


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