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Huawei Reportedly Getting Ready For A 5G 8K TV Later This Year

Huawei is aiming to launch an 8K 5G TV by the end of 2019, a new media report states. As per sources well aware with the firm’s plans, the set might comprise a 5G modem to let it to stream distant content squarely without the requirement for a fixed-line Internet connection or cable box, and it can even play a role of a router for other Internet-linked machines in your house.

Connecting an 8K display with a fast 5G connection could tentatively be a method of overcoming the challenges of streaming data-heavy 8K videos without needing a fixed-line high-speed Internet connection at house. Together with 8K, media rumors that the 5G connection of the TV can also allow them stream 360-degree clips, even though that seems like a totally terrible user experience.

Media claims that Huawei might employ these 5G TVs to develop out its bionetwork of user devices, similar to what Samsung already has with its series of smartphones, TVs, smart home devices, wearables, and appliances. Huawei is presently the 2nd biggest seller of handset all over the world, behind only Samsung.

On a related note, Vodafone Italy found that “hidden backdoors” in Huawei tools might have let the Chinese firm to access Vodafone’s Italian fixed-line network as well as consumers’ home networks, media reports. The vulnerabilities were seen from 2009 to 2011 in home internet routers of Huawei as well as its tools employed in parts of network infrastructure by Vodafone. There was no proof of data being negotiated.

Media claims that both the network and router vulnerabilities carried on to exist after 2012, and also existed in the firm’s networks in Germany, the UK, Portugal, and Spain. Sources claim that Vodafone carried on using the equipment due the fact that it was less costly as compared to the rivalry and the price to eliminate it was too expensive.

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