Jaguar Affirms Its Flagship Sedan XJ Will Arrive In Electric Version

Jaguar recently had revealed its plans to manufacture a “range” of electric vehicles at its UK plant established in Castle Bromwich. And now, it has also affirmed that the foremost among its EVs to be rolled off would be a fully electric version of its flagship sedan, the XJ. The team that manufactured Jaguar’s all-electric I-Pace SUV is managing the development of its new electric sedan.

The automaker stated that it would launch a combustion-based version of the new XJ, as well. The production unit is being revamped to operate Jaguar Land Rover’s MLA (Modular Longitudinal Architecture) platform that is projected to reinforce the production of gasoline, diesel, hybrid, and electric models.

Based on the revamping plan, Jaguar is trying to keep multiple options in front of its customers, along with fulfilling its commitment to offer electric versions of all the Jaguar and Land Rover models to be introduced from next year. Moreover, the automaker is requesting the UK administration and other manufacturers to carry battery fabrication to the nation at giga-scale. CEO Dr. Ralf Speth stated that if the company would manufacture batteries within in the UK, then there will be a significant cut in the traveling cost and no import duty will be imposed on EV batteries.

On a similar subject, Volkswagen will establish joint ventures and financially aid battery manufacturing to influence dubious cell suppliers, which would lead to the mass-production of electric vehicles, according to the board member, Stefan Sommer. VW has decided to collaborate with China’s CATL, LG Chem, Samsung SDI, Sweden’s Northvolt, and South Korea’s SKI in order to escalate the battery production line up. The automaker said that it would purchase battery cells worth $56.57 Billion.

Volkswagen also stated that in the coming 5–6 Years, it requires a battery production unit in Europe, which would be able to manufacture batteries with a capacity of 150-gigawatt hours. In addition to this, the company is expecting a similar unit in Asia as well.


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