Jessica Biel Issues Clarifications On Her Purported Anti-Vaccine Stand

Hollywood fame Jessica Biel backpedalled and denied being in contradiction of vaccination, after facing backlash from vaccine supporters for promoting with R.F. Kennedy Junior against an anticipated bill in California which would constrict medical exceptions for vaccines. Right after it, Biel posted a message on Instagram on June 13; she wrote that she was in of favor children being vaccinated and also favored families exercising the rights to take decisions for their kids along with their doctors.

The opposition from Jessica Biel and Robert Kennedy, a renowned critic of vaccination, came on June 12, 2019, against a bill to be passed by California that would need the SDPH (State Dept. of Public Health) to be in charge of final verdicts regarding medical exemptions that are approved by physicians.

Ms. Biel posted about Senate bill numbered 277, but it appeared she was referring to the senate bill 276, which was passed in State Senate last month and is yet to be addressed in State Assembly.

 According to the current law in California, children must be vaccinated before attending school. Medical exemptions are provided to those children who provide valid medical explanations like children undergoing chemotherapeutic treatments or suffering from any immunodeficiency disorder or allergies.

The medical exceptions triplicated after banning of exemptions based on personal- belief. Dr. R. Pan, the state senator, pediatrician, and author of senate bill 276, said that increasing medical exemptions are endangering kids and the community. He blamed the corrupt physicians for gaining profit by trading medical exemptions with law dodging parents.

This issue became a burning topic of debate when the U.S. faced widespread measles epidemic. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reported last month that there had been recording of more than a thousand measles outbreak this year.

After vaccine supporters criticized Kenndey Jr. for calling Biel courageous in a post, the actress reposted, explaining a medical situation of her friends’ child that requires medical exemption and how passing of the current bill could heavily affect the child’s care in the state.

Kennedy backed her by stating on Thursday that the verdicts concerning medical exemptions regarding vaccines should not come from the Govt. but physicians and he was not against vaccination but supports safer vaccine and wanted the physicians to rule out the cases of medical exemptions.


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