Johnson & Johnson Say The Company Has Been Made A Scapegoat In Opioid Case

J&J has requested the presiding judge to scrap its opioid case, stating it was its role was fabricated and blasted the government’s case. Judge Balkman will hear both parties whether the case should proceed further. Bob Burke stated that a spectacular show could be expected.

J&J is seeking dismissal of the suit due to insufficient evidence. It has stated it complied with the law in its activities. It is accused of playing a part in the current opioid crisis, which has destroyed many lives and cost billions of taxpayer money. Over $17.5 billion will be required over thirty years for countering this epidemic.

Mr. Sparks, who is appearing for the accused stated there was insufficient evidence regarding J&J’s role and that the state was fixing all responsibility atop J&J to make it a scapegoat. J&J stated that Oklahoma was trying to capture Janssen’s financial assets. If the current motion is rejected by the judge, the trial will proceed and could be over by Friday, depending on the deliberations of the witnesses.

Oklahoma’s AG backs the claim about J&J having a significant part in the current epidemic and stated that the company was refusing to take its fair share of responsibility. J&J owned 2 subsidiaries, which supplied over 60% of the ingredients used in opioids. He said that the company was blaming Oklahomans unlawfully and that J&J had no reasons why it shouldn’t be held liable. J&J acknowledges its subsidiaries to have played a role, but claims they do not merit legal punishments since their products were sold as per federal and international regulatory systems, with sales authorized by the DEA.

Beckworth, a lead state attorney, stated that J&J had targeted over 150,000 doctors to push their opioid drugs and were now claiming no responsibility. He accused them to be liars and stated that its motion was a baseless attempt.

J&J stated that the state’s expensive plan for solving the epidemic was useless and criticized the government. Commissioner Terri White stated that the abatement plan was vital since, without it, many more would die.


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