Mistrust, Violence And Resistance Mar US Efforts To Combat Ebola In Congo

Due to community resistance, violence and lack of confidence in workers who deal in healthcare are restraining the efforts of American government to send a medical team to Democratic Republic of Congo for proper assistance in Ebola outbreak which has affected the country since past one year.

In Goma, Disease Control and Prevention center has only 12 working members; the city is highly populated, located in the Southern region and close to the epicenter of Ebola outbreak. Contrary to this, large numbers of workers were sent by CDC to West Africa during 2014’s outbreak.

While addressing the local media Dr. Henry Walke stated that CDC wants to intervene in the areas which are highly affected but there are many security concerns. Political instability and militia which has attacked several patients and aid providing workers since January are considered as main obstacles which are preventing healthcare industry to take proper precautionary actions.

Congo reported Ebola outbreak in 2018 and till date more than 1700 patients have died due to the disease and there are near about 2700 new cases. During a private interview Walke stated that within a month, CDC would double the strength of healthcare members in Congo, but by considering security concerns in mind.

As per the officials that Americans are at low risk of Ebola virus, less than 16,000 people travel from Congo to America on a yearly basis and they have to change flights in between. While using his social media account Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus wrote that citizens of Goma are mobile and analysts’ have already anticipated the event. He continued by writing that due to this reason intensive preparedness is done in Goma due to which workers can identify new case with ease and work accordingly.

During a conference, Lauren Sauer stated that it is very important to keep borders open so that effective medical aid can be offered to patients. She also stated that due to closed borders desperate citizens may undertake alternative methods to move about which no one has a clue.


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