NASA Chief Speaks On Why US Manned Lunar Program Was Delayed For 4 Decades

During latter half of the last week, NASA declared that senior officials who were given the responsibility of space mission with crew aboard have been reshuffled. This was done after President Trump grew impatient of the mission and asked to hurry up the process of making human beings reach lunar surface once again. Jim Bridenstine, administrator at NASA said in details regarding why the manned U.S lunar mission had been stopped for over 40 years now. He also described the further steps which are required to take the mission forward.

Bridenstine said that there are all kinds of risk – technical as well as political. He also said that they would have easily sent men to moon had there been no political risks. In fact, they would have easily reached Mars too if there were no political factors working alongside. He then clearly directed towards the issue of funds. Programs to take humans to the lunar surface would never have stopped if there was enough time and funding. During 1990s and earlier half of 2000s, they had attempted resuming missions to Mars and Moon. However, in both the cases it required way too much time and money. President Trump has moved forward to eliminate the political risk and assured to accelerating the program.

NASA is currently working on Artemis program in which heavy rocket, Lunar Lander for mission to the Moon and space capsule are being prepared to help the mission which would take five years later. However, Bridenstine explained that Trump has a broader vision which is not only to reach Moon but to be capable enough to stay there. He also wants to see American flag on Mars. The reason to reach Moon is to be able to have sustainability of staying on another celestial being. Therefore, eventually they would have better grasp on solar system and can easily stay on Mars someday.


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