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Navigators Of Living Donors Are A Crucial Part Of Organ Transplantation

In the United States, more than 110,000 people are on waiting lists to receive life-saving organs, and nearly 100,000 are waiting for a kidney.

Waiting times for patients can last for years without hope. However, there are other options besides waiting for a dead donor. Many family members and friends often take up the challenge and offer their organs to save the life of a loved one, but the process may seem annoying.

This is where the Living Donor Navigator program appears at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

The navigation program was created in 2017 and works with donors and recipients to guide and recognize needs via the transplant and its post process. To help conquer the obstacle of identifying a possible living donor, each patient classifies a “living donor champion” to watch over a compatible kidney.

The program offers champion and patient training, educational materials, and other tools designed to help them feel more comfortable raising awareness and starting conversations about living kidney donations. The goal is to enhance the chances of discovery of a donor as some patients are very sick, very busy with treatment and other responsibilities, and / or are withdrawn from social circles to manage research in an effective way.

“Our goal now is for the UAB Comprehensive  Transplant  Graft Institute to be the first to consider kidney patients across the country, “said Hendricks. “This program is an integral part of the coverage we call UAB medicines and the care we provide. We have a dedicated team of CTI professionals that go beyond our patients’ expectations. “

As technology advances, so does the process of utilization recently, a kidney was successfully transplanted into a patient, which was delivered through a drone.

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