New Urine Test Bring Hope For Prostate Cancer Patients

The normal way to test for presence of prostate cancer is through PSA blood tests. A recently developed urine test which is still in experimental stage can reveal if an individual in early stage of the disease can be cured with aggressive treatment methods or just needs to be monitored on regular basis. The blood tests currently done for presence of this disease leave many patients in a constant state of worry and sometimes force them to unnecessarily undergo several investigative tests and treatments. The prostate urine risk test or (PUR) examines genetic markers for accurate assessment of the patient.

Scientists are pursuing several methods to improve detection of prostate cancer that includes blood and urine tests and this recent test was carried out on 537 patients to sort out men by their risk levels. Experts say that instead of relying on a single test to check the presence of prostate cancer now several tests should be done to understand its severity. This is the most common cancer that affects men in UK and accounts for nearly 47,000 cases every year and sometimes PSA tests can give conflicting results so routine screening is not advised.

Actually around 75 % of patients that test positive during PSA tests found to be cancer negative when they had gone for biopsy while these tests also miss cancer in nearly 15 % of men with prostate cancer. Under usual circumstances prostate cancer progresses slowly but when it is an aggressive strain than it has to be treated immediately to stop the spread. Scientists involved in the research state that currently most patients that die of prostate cancer do so due to inability of understanding the severity of the disease in men so this makes it hard for them to provide adequate medical attention. Though there is a policy active surveillance to combat this problem it requires regular follow-ups and reminders.


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