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Michael Perez

Michael Perez

Content Manager

Email: michael.p@londondailytelescope.com

Phone: +1 816-177-8470

Michael interacts and expresses his thoughts in a quite interesting manner. So, he has been appointed for the post of Content Manager and Editor. He is a very knowledgeable person with around five years of previous experience as a Business Analyst in a well-established business. His concepts related to business, finance, accounts, and politics are on finger-tips. In spare time, he generally satisfy his knowledge craving by reading business-related magazines and press releases published by the organizations,

Julie Cai

Julie Cai

Sr. Content Writer

Email: julie.c@londondailytelescope.com

Phone: +1 816-263-8936

Julie has accomplished her post graduation in Microbiology from a well-known university established in Canada. Before pursuing her career in content writing, she was hired as a Health Consultant in a renowned firm. She writes health-related articles for London Daily Telescope news portal. She loves to spend time surrounded by nature. Apart from writing articles for the portal, she also writes health-related blogs in spare time for spreading health awareness. Owing to rising environmental pollution, she supports clean energy usage.

Ashleigh Sheppard

Ashleigh Sheppard

Content Writer

Email: ashleigh.s@londondailytelescope.com

Phone:  +1 816-501-7735

Creative mentality and basic knowledge regarding the recently developed technologies pushed Ashleigh to pursue her career in content writing. She has achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and after that, she gained experience as a Content Writer from a well-known magazine-publishing platform. She has great curiosity to attend various tech-related exhibitions and events. She always try to keep her knowledge up-to-date related to technological launches and advancements by studying more and more about it in spare time.

Kevin Sword

Kevin Sword

Content Writer & Editor

Email: kevin.s@londondailytelescope.com

Phone: +1 816-221-9047

Kevin is a German-resident and to pursue higher studies he went to the U.S. for acquiring graduation in Astronomy. He had been doing various IT and computer languages-related courses along with his Bachelor’s studies. The passion for grasping progressively about science-based topics such as space launches, missions, discoveries, and space events have pushed him to pursue content writing. Previously, he was working as a content editor in a news magazine publishing platform.

Editorial Staff Emails & Contact Information

Michael Perez- michael.p@londondailytelescope.com | +1 816-177-8470
Julie Cai- julie.c@londondailytelescope.com | +1 816-263-8936