People In Ebola Gripped Congo Do Not Trust The Vaccines

Salomon Nduhi Kambale, till his last breath was convinced that he had been poisoned by someone and that is why he was vomiting blood. Kambale, 30 year old denied providing his contact number to community health teams and even when they found him, he hung up every time. Health workers tried every means to convince him to get vaccinated for Ebola after one of his friends became prey of the poisonous and heavily contagious disease.

Kambale couldn’t be saved and he died soon. His widow and four children were handed over his positive Ebola test result. Health workers strictly told them that if they too deny taking Ebola vaccine, they would have to count days to die. Health authorities in Congo is facing a difficult time amidst deep distrust, severe political instability and violence which are constantly curbing their efforts to persuade people who might have come into contact with infected people to get vaccinated. Health experts have already confirmed that the experimental Ebola vaccine in Congo has saved lives of thousands.

However, even after a year and providing 171,000 doses, the epidemic is still there. The virus has caused deaths of 1,700 people and has now entered into the largest city of the area, Goma. World Health Organization has declared this situation to be a case of global health emergency. During the Ebola outbreak of 2014-16 in West Africa, 11,300 people were dead. Health workers had then, hoped of a vaccine with 97.5% effectiveness rate which would improve survival rates at least a bit for those who are already infected.

President of Doctors without Borders, Dr. Joanne Liu said that they have got the vaccine now and it has not proved even the least miraculous which they needed it to be. They have used numbers of vaccines till now and the epidemic is still there. It simply proves that contact tracing is not good.


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