Photo Editor FaceApp’s Popularity Fueling Concerns Of US Regulators

An app for photo editing has added number of new wrinkles to celebrity faces and also raised questions regarding personal security at the digital level, as per the reports by the NBC.

FaceApp is an app developed in Russia, is more than 2-years-old and has recently witnessed a massive spike in usage owing to certain celebrities as well as influencers participating in what is being called “FaceApp Challenge.”

This app consists of a range of photo-altering features like addition of a smile and appearance modifications leading to gender alteration. The ones participating in this challenge have used the app in making themselves appear old, thus providing fans with a glimpse of how their favorite celebrities or athletes might look like when they turn into senior citizens. This recent surge in FaceApp’s traffic has also created hilarious memes about some famous faces that just don’t seem to get older, like actors John Stamos and Paul Rudd.

However, the unforeseen increase in the app’s popularity has also contributed to growing concerns regarding the usage of data as well as user-supplied images by apps, particularly the ones operated or owned outside the United States. A concern of this type for FaceApp is centered on if this app can possibly access photos of users without permission. To relief of the public, researchers have found these concerns to be unfounded.

In spite of the exoneration, experts in security matters are unsure about this app. They have found it unlikely that the app can steal whole camera rolls worth of images from users, but also added a warning that FaceApp does have certain risks.

The National Committee of Democracy feels that the app poses enough risk and sent an alert message to the presidential campaigns of the party on Wednesday, in which they warned against the usage of this app which has been developed and created by Russians. This warning was brought to light first by CNN.


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