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Project Limitless 5G Laptop By Lenovo Makes A Lot Of Commitments

When you name an item Project Limitless, it better actually be limitless. But the 5G device that Lenovo so boldly teased and named here at this year’s Computex was accurately the opposite: restricted. Granted, this was a prototype model that is not completely ready, but we still needed to get an early sneak of what it is promising when it rolls out. Qualcomm and Lenovo do not have much info to share, other than the fact that Limitless will support 5G connectivity and have a Snapdragon 8cx process.

The Snapdragon 8cx was launched in December 2018, committing “enhanced” battery life and performance for Windows on ARM laptops. It was developed to deal with a lot of the issues users have had with Snapdragon computers, specifically around performance. Especially, the Kryo 495 octa-core CPU on the processor has an elevated 10 MB cache so it can run Chrome better as compared to its precursors. Thanks to its 7nm framework, the Snapdragon 8cx is also believed to be much more power proficient as compared to the Snapdragon 850, committing days of power instead of hours.

On a related note, it is not often that Lenovo begins a brand new laptop series, and this one might be worth a glance if you are getting one keeping work in mind. The PC manufacturer has launched the ThinkBook lineup, which commits “business-akin” security and features in a fairly slim bundle. Both the ThinkBook 14s and 13s have TPM 2.0 security processors, devoted Skype keys, webcam privacy shutters, and fingerprint readers. On the other hand, they are also relatively slim with extra-slim display bezels and bodies below 0.65 Inches thin. We will not quite refer them stylish, but you will not feel guilty for slipping one out in public while you are waiting for your bus or flight.


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