Regular Sleep Pattern May Possibly Promote Metabolic Health

A new study has revealed that following a fixed pattern of sleep can help improve metabolic health. The study further connects this habit to reducing the metabolic syndrome risk factors like obesity, high cholesterol, and blood pressure.

Our Metabolic syndrome is made up of as many as five risk factors. Normally, an individual has one risk factor. However, the presence of one of the risk factors leads to the presence of more. For the latest study, scientists defined metabolic risk factors on the basis of the following parameters.

A waistline of or more than 102 cm or 40.4 inches for males and 88 cm or more for females

Level of Blood triglyceride at 150 mg/dl or more than that Level of HDL Cholesterol at less than 40 mg/dl in case of males and less than 50 in the case of females Blood pressure level at 130/85 mm or more, or the subject being under medication to treat blood pressure Glucose level in blood at fasting at or more than 100 mg/dl or the subject being treated for diabetes

Waist size measures obesity of the central portion of the body. Presence of excessive fat in the area adjoining the stomach can increase the probability of heart disease much more, than what having excessive fat around the buttock and other body parts would do.

HDL facilitates the movement of cholesterol from the arteries. Inadequate movement of cholesterol from the arteries may cause heart ailments.

Blood pressure is actually the pressure by blood exerted on the arterial walls, caused by the pumping of blood by the heart. If the pressure builds up, increases and stays that high for long, it leads to the accumulation of plaques within the arteries, ultimately leading to damage of the heart. When the glucose level in blood touches 100 marks at fasting, it is a symptom of diabetes, which increases the risk of cardiovascular complications.


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