Researchers Now Look For The Darkside Of Meditation

In many nations, meditation is a popular activity owing to its well-known positive outcome in terms of mental and physical health. The earlier research has shown medication to help reduce stress levels and also lower blood pressure. However, there is a certain section of people who have found meditation to have a negative or unpleasant impact on them. It is a historical practice followed by many as it is believed to give a spiritual effect, secular lifestyle, and health benefits. There are various forms of medication found to exist in the world but the most common in the Western World is the mindfulness meditation.

Now, the personal meditation practice has become a more commonly accessible owing to the easily available mobile meditation apps that enable practice sessions via the phone. As per the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, the previous studies have proved meditation to help lower blood pressure, insomnia, IBS symptoms, and problems of anxiety and depression. The University College London researchers have touched the most ignored aspect of meditation and that is its unpleasant effects. It has been found that about 25% of the regular meditators tend to have negative psychological experiences when meditating. The unpleasant feelings include fear and confusion emotions.

The team found certain people to have constant negative thoughts and it was found in people practicing deconstructive meditation practices like Vipassana. The repetitive negative thinking experience is still an unclear subject in terms of the wider meditation community. The lack of data on this is the major limitation as there is no substantial evidence in bifurcating whether the pre-existing mental health issue had a role in contributing the effect or no. The meditative development is currently on the rise and hence, for proving its mere negative effect there needs to be valid data. Uber has collaborated with sleep and meditation app named Calm to provide passengers during their journey with some mindfulness exercises. The key focus of the ride-hailing service is to help passengers relax by the time they reach their destination. The short-term pause is believed to help lower stress and calm down people.


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