Russia & China Forge Ahead In 5G Technology; Fears Of US Lagging Behind!

The US would sneer upon Chinese and Russian internets since they lacked technology, had no copyright protection and couldn’t compete against Silicon Valley as a result of government interference and censorship. While China’s recent success has changed this attitude, China and Russia are going ahead with next-gen internet technology, while the US lags behind.

Huawei, manufacturer of hardware of 5G has been banned from business in America with threats to block it from US components and software vital for its business. The US also pressured allies to follow suit, stating that Huawei was spying, charge the company has denied.

While 5G adoption is going on in the US, Huawei being banned could slow down rollout speed. Even Russia could jump ahead if this continues. Choosing Huawei services and products is becoming politically charged. Those avoiding Huawei risk lagging behind as others advance in communications tech and the internet.

Russian operator MTS signed an agreement with Huawei, which will see 5G networks being rolled out in Russia. China also approved commercial licensing of 5G networks. Huawei is an integral part of this, having over 45 contracts in around 30 countries in its kitty. Huawei is at the forefront of the current China-US trade war. A Huawei executive has been arrested in Canada, it’s been banned from America, with the US pressurizing allies to follow suit.5G networks capable of faster cloud access, speeds and connections are seeing a divide grow between US & China and their allies.

The remaining countries are usually US-inclined but huge 5G build costs that come with banning Huawei are deterring them. With US lagging behind, there is no advantage to banning Huawei. Although the Internet was conceived as a global platform for open exchange of ideas, it is, in reality, simply a network governed by public and private actors, led on the basis of voluntary protocols.

More countries are adopting China-like cyber policies causing increased restrictions on free speech and censorship. This could eventually wind up in two Internet spheres being developed—one free speech focused sphere led by US and the other, a restricted and censored sphere led by China.

The world could wind up being divided again.


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