Salesforce’s Cloud Service Glitch Leads To Customer Downtime

Technical snag in Salesforce services on Friday made them inaccessible to customers around the globe. Chief Technology officer assured customers that all efforts of employees were directed towards resolving the issue.

Outages of such kind by companies like Salesforce have great financial impact which can comprise providing credits to clients or penalty payments. Salesforce’s annual report revealed that claims against the company, termination of subscriptions by customers heighten their attrition rates and make them less dependable and unattractive to customers, reducing their number and in consequence their revenue.

Salesforce’s two largest revenue generating products namely Service Cloud and Sales Cloud were impacted by the outage and the fact was disclosed by the company’s Chief Technology officer at around 12.40 p.m. Eastern time.

Status page of the company disclosed the time of service disruption as 12.56 p.m. Eastern time and within 37 minutes an update was given by the company explaining that customers using Pardot or having used it earlier were impacted. Steps being taken to rectify the issue were also explained in detail.

Around 4.36 p.m. Eastern Time, another update stating that the company’s software versions applicable in Europe and North America were problem fraught and that the company had begun clearing clients unaffected by the issues in question was given by the company. The next update at 5.49 p.m. Eastern indicated the completion of the task of freeing such customers. Work on the affected customers’ issues was still on till 7.03 p.m. as per an update at that time. The update further stated the likelihood of a few of the affected customers receiving messages of error with regard to billing, account status or single sign-on function, post logging into Salesforce.

Twitter was flooded with messages from customers indicating their inaccessibility to Salesforce from 10 a.m. Eastern time. A similar outage which denied accessibility to some customers had occurred in 2016. Friday saw a dip in Salesforce shares by 3%.


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