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Scientists Design Substitute For Soft Tissue With Fewer Side Effects

A group of material scientists and plastic surgeons has made an essential improvement in curing the common medical problem of loss of soft tissue. They have created a synthetic soft tissue alternate that is well endured and motivates the development of blood vessels and soft tissue. This new substance retains its shape without being very dense, conquering hurdles with present tissue fillers that have a propensity for being either very soft or not sufficiently porous to allow cells move in and begin developing tissue. A report on this study is posted in Science Translational Medicine.

“As a doctor, I see people each day who lose soft tissue such as fat, skin, and muscle from trauma, cancer surgery, or other reasons. Presently our alternatives are restricted to implants, which are overwhelmed by problems such as fibrosis, or “borrowing” tissues from different part of the body, which can lead to deformity too,” claims Sashank Reddy, lead author of the study, to the media in an interview.

On a related note, a new research by Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development at New York University discovers that face transplant operation in people who have undergone grave facial trauma can enhance production of speech.

Face transplantation is one of the most widespread facial reconstructive operations obtainable. The operation comprises the total or partial replacement of muscles, nerves, and skeletal structures of the head, face, and neck with the help of donor tissues. With just 41 facial transplant operations conducted all over the world till date, this research adds to the very restricted literature stating speech making results after facial transplant. The operation was conducted by experts at Face Transplant Program at NYU Langone Health, spearheaded by Eduardo Rodriguez. Rodriguez is chair for Plastic Surgery of the Hansjörg Wyss Department and the Helen L. Kimmel Professor for Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

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