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Scientists Suggest Maggot Sausages Use To Deal With Global Food Shortage

Researchers at the University of Queensland (UQ) disclosed their latest research. According to them, there is nothing inedible! The use of locusts and maggots to make various food items is the area of study currently focused by scientists. They highlight that these food items might help in addressing global food shortages.

Dr. Louwrens Hoffman, Professor, Meat Science, UQ, explains that the present global status of livestock would soon fail to meet the requirements for meat across the world. This would lead to a shortage and protein-deficient diets. He added, it is essential that alternate proteins sources are researched for human consumption. In the future, an overpopulated world might struggle to get sufficient protein. This can be avoided only if people open their minds and stomachs to a much wider idea of food. He proclaimed that the largest potential for sustainable protein production lies with new plant sources and insects.

On a similar note, another research from the UQ highlighted that climate change could impact the occurrences of diseases such as Ebola and bird-flu. The research added that the environmental factors are playing a bigger part than earlier considered in the animal-to-human disease transfer.

In this research, scientists from Swansea University and UQ were involved. They have been exploring how diverse environments offer opportunities for animal-to-human diseases to act together and infect novel host species, including humans. These diseases are known as zoonotic diseases. Dr. Nicholas Clark, School of Veterinary Science, UQ, highlighted that this was a novel line of thinking. He added that this notion is changing how we comprehend and tackle rising zoonotic diseases. These diseases are triggered by pathogens, for instance, bacteria, viruses, or parasitic worms that cross from animals to humans. It includes notorious infections such as rabies virus, bird flu, and Ebola.

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