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Senate Intelligence Committee Chiefs Voice Backing For NRO Nominee

The U.S. President Donald Trump’s nominee to contest the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office), Christopher Scolese, obtained a warm reception from the U.S. SSCI (Senate Select Committee on Intelligence) in his confirmation investigation. Scolese was most lately the director of NASA’s GSFC (Goddard Space Flight Center), Greenbelt. Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.)—who is not a member of the intelligence committee—attended the hearing to introduce Scolese and admired his record as the chief of NASA’s biggest center. Richard Burr—Committee Chairman—stated to Scolese that he backs his nomination and intends to make sure it is reviewed “without delay.”

If authenticated by the Senate, Scolese will be the first political nominee to contest the NRO. And he will be taking over the association in the middle of a brewing argument whether the government’s recommended Space Force should be linked with the NRO or not. Mark Warner—Committee Vice Chairman—noted that the committee purposely added the verification requirement for NRO directors to “make sure robust and efficient oversight of our country’s overhead intelligence satellite programs.” Warner said this condition also reflects the significance of the NRO as an “important member of the intelligence community.”

Recently, NASA was in news as its chief cautions meteors are a hazard to the planet. Jim Bridenstine—NASA Administrator—lately warned that meteors are a major threat to the planet. While addressing the PDC (Planetary Defense Conference), Washington, D.C., he said, “This is not concerning Hollywood or its movies. This is related to ultimately protecting Earth to host life.” Bridenstine discussed regarding February 2013 meteor, which exploded over Russia that shook the Urals region in the country. Approximately 1,000 people were harmed, counting over 200 children, as per to news reports. Several people were strike by flying glass when windows smashed from the sonic boom that trailed the meteor’s explosion.

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