SFL Celebrates 100 Cumulative Years Of Micro Space Missions

The Space Flight Lab recently celebrated its 100 aggregating years of Nano microsatellite operations. SFL plans to highlight their current and future missions at IAA symposium of Earth observation Small Satellites. SFL is a unique laboratory manufacturing professional satellites at UTIAS.

On May 6, 2019, at around 13:30, Laura M, of SFL will present a paper on how GHGSat Constellation is useful in monitoring of gases responsible environmental hazard. The paper concentrates on microsatellite manufactured in SFL laboratory and launched by GHGSat in 2016. The primary purpose of the mission was to demonstrate and detect sources of gases coming from orbit. Success of the mission in achieving a contract to develop two other commercial operations named as GHGSat-C2 and C1.

The secret behind the SFL”s success, in the industry of Nano and micro satellite, was in its revolutionary attitude control techniques implemented for small satellites. As it is a challenge to park small satellites at accurate location for precise sensing operations from the Earth.

Robert E. Zee of SFL had described their methods of attitude control with accuracy made them successful in the development of many micro space missions, as the need for remote sensing and environmental monitoring has increased.

SFL is also charged with developing a twin atmosphere monitoring satellites and a single remote sensing type of satellite from its Toronto workshop.

SFL was developed as a specialty lab which would be capable of self-sustaining in 1998 at UTIAS, in hope that it would provide an end to end services on tight schedules at low expenses. The facility was tasked with deliverance of significant results to their clients from all around the globe.

Over its two-decade long operations, SFL has manufactured 25 satellites which played an active role for Earth observation, environmental monitoring, ship detection, space science, and technology demonstration.


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