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Spire Global Supplies AIS Data To BAE Systems’ GXP Software

Reportedly, Spire Global would present AIS (Automatic Identification Systems) data to aerospace company BAE Systems’ GXP (Geospatial eXploitation Products) software. BAE Systems would comprise Spire’s data in its GXP software solutions that provides geospatial intelligence for the exploitation, discovery, and propagation of mission-critical geospatial information. Spire and BAE Systems will incorporate their industry technologies to present an integrated solution that aims to deliver wider, more precise geospatial intelligence ability through GXP’s software tools. As per the release, Spire operates one of the biggest constellations of classified nanosatellites and ground station systems in the world. The firm has launched many new strategic corporations in this year, counting deals with NASA, the ESA (European Space Agency) and international players in the maritime, weather, and aviation sectors.

Keith E. Johnson—General Manager and VP of Spire Global—said, “The company’s radio occultation data compilation represents a recent commercial weather data occasion for weather predicting and forecasting models. We are offering every relevant central weather organization with the latest data set of more considerable data at revisit rates never seen before. Our aim is to better commence these federal audiences to the established expertise that has transformed Spire to an industry standard.”

Recently, the ESA was in news as Forsway kicked off space agency co-funded 5G development project. Forsway—which is a leading supplier of hybrid satellite routers and novel solutions to facilitate cost-efficient satellite broadband—declared that is has been granted a co-funded development deal from the ESA. The extent of the development project involves incorporation of the Forsway Xtend Hub with the 5G/NFV (Network Function Virtualization) architecture. Forsway’s inclusive 5G project plans to simplify and enable a CSP’s (communication service provider) capability to considerably accelerate slow or overcrowded networks through satellite services.

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