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Texas Farmers Allowed To Grow Hemp As Abbott Signs A New Bill

Texas Farmers can now look up to hemp as potential crop in the coming days as Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill this week that legalizes the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp. The 2018 Farm Bill underwent a few Federal Changes that subsequently removed hemp from the list of Schedule I Substances. The amendments didn’t directly allow farmers to get going with hemp cultivation, but gave states the power to develop state-regulated industrial hemp programs.

Sen. Charles Perry, one of the key supporters of the bill, emphasized the boons of industrial hemp and stated that he didn’t wanted the Texas farmers to be left out. He also stated that this will ultimately help the rural communities citing industrial hemp as a viable crop option for them. Sen. Charles Perry, along with Rep. Tracy King, R-Lubbock, and D-Batesville lead the House Bill 1325, that allows farmers to grow hemp through a state-regulated program. Hemp derived products including the CBD Oil were also legalized by the bill. In accordance with the bill, the Texas Department Of Agriculture is needed to submit a program to the United States Department of Agriculture explaining how the program is designed to regulate and monitor the industrial hemp cultivation in the state.

The move is expected to boost the stuttering produce sector of America which is expected to get further hit by China’s expected closure of American Soybean orders. The trade war from Donald Trump-led US government with China first, and now with Mexico will dampen the produce sector output expectedly. The ban of American Soybeans from China is still not implemented but reports have it that the demand is going to drop from China and gradually end up becoming zero in the next few months. While China are expected to turn to Brazil, America are not likely to find a potent replacement.


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