The Giant Cargo Drones All Set To Change The Face Of Cargo Industry

In what could be a major breakthrough in the cargo industry, a new generation of mega-sized autonomous drones are being created that can travel for hundreds of miles carrying thousands of pounds. The all-new creation is likely to offer a horde of advantages like faster and efficient delivery, along with being environment friendly. However, it will be a tough nut to crack for the Federal Aviation Administration to route these cargo flights perfectly.

The drones are designed to carry packages and drop them at a target location on its own. In the last few months, Amazon, UPS, and Alphabet, all three confirmed that they’re in the process of developing their own technology to deliver aerially to customers. Cargo drones offer environmental benefits on a very large scale, which well might make the Federal Aviation Administration to work a way through for them in the United States. Companies can now opt out of truckloads and choose sending the cargo drones multiple times instead to decrease the impact. Also, the cargo drones are designed to take-off vertically and even land in the water when needed to make drop-offs much easier and flexible. These drones will come with a large catalogue of their own having multiple size and shape. While Boeing has already launched the Cargo Air Vehicle which can carry weight up to 500 pounds and weighs around 747 pound itself, companies like Nautilus, Sabrewing, Sichuan Tengden Technology, and Elroy Air are expected to start shipping their drone modules by 2020.

Talking of aerial transportation, Uber has launched its all new Uber Copter that promises to cut the travel time from Manhattan to Kennedy International Airport to just 30 minutes during the peak hours. The service will be dynamically charged and will cost around USD 200 to USD 225. It will be available for Diamond and Platinum members only.


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