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Troubles Seem To Be Never Ending For US Farmers—Trade War, Flood And Heat

United States farmers are facing successive repercussions, previously torrential rains and now a stifling temperature. In the early years, heavy rainfall submerged U.S. farmlands, devastating lands and delaying sowing of crops.

At present, there’s another hurdle threatening the farmers; scorching temperature all over the States, and is anticipated to be the nastiest in regions such as Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Nebraska.

Adam Jones, a young organic farmer shared his woes with the CNBC stating that they had been continuously tormented with something or the other without catching a break. He further added that this year there were many farmers who for the first time couldn’t grow any crops and it had hurt their pride.

Heat warnings are in full swing across the whole country. According to NWS (National Weather Service), temperature is anticipated to go up more than 100 degrees, plus a hundred twenty record-high min. temperatures in certain regions.

Even humidity levels are soaring high due to moisture from Hurricane Barry, resulting in the chances of heat index to rise across the States.

High humidity and heat have got farmers stressed, across the Midwest,about their susceptible maize and soybean crops.The flood had left a damage of nearly $3 billion leaving many acres of unseeded land and made several crops susceptible to damage. This situation has left crops more vulnerable to extreme weathers.

The current situation has created an intense stress level, leaving farmers planting crops late than usual, this year. As the crops were planted in adverse condition it has made more challengingfor plants to withstand dryness and heat.

Along with the adverse climate, the American agricultural industry has been affected hard by the United States- China trade battle which has decelerated agricultural exports. In May, China put tariffs on around on $60 BN worth of American products which included a broad range of agronomic products.

Trade wars, flooding and now extreme temperature have become a nightmare for American farmers and they have been asked by the U.S. MeteorologicalDepartment to get used to this type of climatic adversaries and to growmore temperature resilient crops.


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